19th Century Music

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Some of the greatest music ever produced came from composers in the 19th century. It was a period of renaissance and change throughout the globe brought about by numerous events both political and cultural.


During the 1848 revolution, music critics defined Romanticism as a political and philosophical matter. It had very little to do with what was happening in society among the common folk. Most romantics were viewed as embracing romanticism, not to avoid the real world but to deal with the new age of enlightenment where rationality was threatening to sweep away religious and arcane beliefs. Romanticism was concerned with feeling, emotional expression, imagination and boundlessness rather than rationalistic thinking or subject matter. The movement was exemplified in the arts - literature, music and paintings, with emphasis on the aesthetic experience and the wonderment in the magnificence of nature. . Among the other attributes of Romanticism were a profound appreciation of all things natural, a heightened praise of emotion over logic and the human senses over the intellectualism; a rather introspective examination of oneself and personality with all its facets, including moods, emotional attachment and cognitive potential; also a obsession with the inner self where the hero lies and the awakening of the genius; a call to action from the extraordinary individual; attention to the passions and internal struggles; ...
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