International Competitiveness

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International competitiveness should lead to a win-win scenario for both developed and developing countries. This could be possible only in the case of implementing a solid fair trade policy. In relation to free trade, Margaret Thatcher's slogan of "There Is No Alternative" (TINA) is very famous.


The richest countries will become even richer, and the poorest countries will become much poorer. The only solution is fair trade that takes into account cooperation and competition at the same time. The rich countries should cooperate with the poor countries so they can adapt themselves to an ethical globalisation process not only in the economic sense but also in all the dimensions of global integration.
Globalisation is here to stay. The worldwide integration is possible thanks to the technological and scientific advances of human kind. Anup Shah makes the following assertion about the current state of globalisation:
"The world is becoming more globalized, there is no doubt about that. While that sounds promising, the current form of globalization, neoliberalism, free trade and open markets are coming under much criticism. The interests of powerful nations and corporations are shaping the terms of world trade." (Shah, 2007).
In this global scenario, developing countries should be protected against the greedy interests of the developed countries. Shah states the following remarks that should be taken into account by all interested parties:
"Margaret Thatcher's slogan of "there is no alternative" rings sharply. ...
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