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Situational Leadership

Leadership, management, power and authority are all closely related terms and sometimes are difficult to separate and understand individually. A leader is someone who exercises influence over others. In a group, it is the performances of those acts which help the group achieve its preferred outcomes. (Cartwright & Zander, 1968)A view holds that leaders are people oriented and their main task is to inspire people. Their primary functional output is a change (Veal, 2004) and their capabilities are assessed in terms of controlling the process of this change. That is to mould and control change to suit project's objectives. Bryman (1986) offers somewhat similar views when he opines that leadership is," the creation of a vision about a desired future state which seeks to enmesh all members of an organisation in its net".Whereas managers are task and process oriented and their main task is to organize such tasks and processes. Management's main output is task done in target time at target cost. In plain language Management is assigned the task of producing and maintaining a degree of predictability & order (Veal, 2004). Leadership on the other hand assumes the function of producing change under a constantly updated schemata of direction and vision. ...
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Project management in construction activity has been an area where critical managerial inputs are required. Since projects tasks, processes and their sequences of steps are growing complex with heightened budgets and global dimensions there has been a felt need to review the various important inputs to any construction project management task…
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