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Movie Review example - Vera Drake

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Movie Review
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Vera Drake is a controversial and intriguing movie that narrates the story of a woman living in London in the 1950s. She is practicing illegal abortions which at that time clashes with society's understandings and beliefs for the nature of this action. As a consequence of her hidden deeds, the main character leads her family into a tragedy and creates tense and uncomfortable social bonds around her…

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The really shocking element with Vera is that she is introduced as completely dedicated to her family and her duties as wife and mother. Keeping this horrible secret from her family and being undisturbed for many years, for her this was a regular visit to someone's house and helping them out of the situation. At the time single women in particular would be socially and economically condemned if they got an illegitimate child. So in order to avoid the catastrophic situation, women would do anything to save their social appearance and image. What the film tries to imply to the audience is that the heroine acts on the bases of her own principles and she is guided by her good will to save the women and empower them with the right to decide for themselves what is best for them.
What we do not expect from the movie is that such a kind and agreeable, wife and mother would ever thought of performing illegal abortions at a time when social norms and restrictions do not justify it. Vera possesses the inner strength and stamina to do these procedures and she is always soothing the misfortune women showing deep understanding and support for their situation. ...
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