The Glass Menagerie and The House of Yes - Book Report/Review Example

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The Glass Menagerie and The House of Yes

This play is a shocking blend of family frivolity and a good dose of deadly political allegory. The characters of both these plays are going to be compared and contrasted with each other bringing out the essence of each play.
In the 'Glass Menagerie' we find Amanda Wingfield, Laura and Tom's mother, clinging frantically to things of the past and misses out on reality, which is described as - "Her life is paranoia" Amanda is unwittingly foolish peppered with both cruelty and tenderness that she displays according to her moods. Though Amanda loved her children, she constantly expects too much from them and forcefully tries to get them to do what she wants. She reprimands Tom for his small fledgling job and bickers about his eating habits and personality. Tom retaliates by saying - "I haven't enjoyed one bite of this dinner because of your constant directions on how to eat it. It's you that makes me rush through meals with your hawk-like attention to every bite I take." Amanda does not spare her daughter Laura too, knowing pretty well that the girl is too shy and introverted yet she forces her to be outgoing and meet suitors. She reminisces about her own life in days gone by when she had 17 gentlemen callers in one day.
In Macleod's black comedy, we find that the play revolves around obsessive and incestuous affairs ...
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'The Glass Menagerie' is a very sensitive family drama by Tennessee Williams that is so melancholic that it really tugs at the heart of its audiences. The play was a resounding box- office success when it was performed in Broadway in 1945. The play centers around three main characters - i.e…
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