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Essay example - Music and Culture

High school
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In the second half of the 1970s, a distinctive new genre of music appeared on the music scene, after the Rock 'n' Roll. Termed, punk, it referred to loud, outlandish and fast rock, which took the music industry by storm…

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The punk genre was at loggerheads with the old mainstream society and heavily criticised the contemporary political, social and economic circumstances of the UK. However, this criticism did not offer any alternatives to the existing conditions. The punk genre influence the culture of UK, that became more loose, in terms of its dependence on old societal values. People became more open, adaptive and accommodative of the 'youth culture'!
The music press is a branch of entertainment journalism, wherein professionals analyse and criticise the varied genres of music, various bands, singers, musical entourages and the like. The music press consists of well-informed specialist media personnel, who report on the current music culture and offer information to the audiences. The music press of UK is no exception to this and functions in the same fields. The music media personnel of the UK garner information about the music industry of UK, the bands, genres, singers, musicians, lyricists, etc. and offer valuable guidance, suggestions, and criticisms. ...
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