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Social Class and Ethnicity in Education

How then do social class and ethnicity interrelate in education
Coard (1971) quoted in Ethnicity and Identity (2006) noted that education system makes black children feel unconventional hence creating an inferiority complex. Furthermore, education & resources ignore black people and ethnic groups in general and their culture. Racism is also a factor related to school achievement, which occurs in and out of school. In fact, attitudes in the classroom are reinforced in the playground. Wright (1992 qtd. in Ethnicity and Identity, 2006) looked at racism in multi- racial primary schools and found that Asian children were isolated and received less attention from teachers. Assumptions about culture & language were also made such as in African Caribean children in whom bad behaviour was expected from them. As a result, they received harsher discipline. Studies conducted by Boylan (2005) as cited in Gardiner's (2006) research, indicated, "only 35 percent of African American college students completed their courses of study." This result, he argued could be "attributed to some identifiable problems associated within this ethnic group" and were related to "socio-economic status, cultural mistrust, depression, fatigue and racism".
Social class also affects achievemen ...
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As shown repeatedly in several studies, Asian and Indian students have been doing well in international examinations than their counterparts from other sides of the globe. Students from some minority ethnic groups particularly African-Caribbean, Pakistani & Bangladeshi students often have below average reading ability and are likely to achieve low GCSE grades…
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