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Reseach Method

The abstract provides a clear idea about two important factors whether the research addressed the question of interest and whether it studied individuals or situations are relevant. Aside from giving information about the purpose of the study, it also includes who was included in the study as well as an overview of the findings and the implications of the findings to practice.
The findings confirm that Eastern and Western cultures emphasize different influence styles. This is a confirmation of a previous research finding. The findings also indicate that life stage is as important as culture, and possibly more important than culture, in explaining the ethical perceptions of upward influence behavior. This involves the new discoveries or concepts from the research.
The abstract is found on the first page of the research. It has the findings which provide the summary of the key components of the research. The abstract provides a short summary of the study. It includes the aim of the study, outline of the methodology and the main findings. The purpose of the abstract is to allow the readers to decide if the study is of interest to them
The introduction section of the research paper describes the gap in knowledge that is addressed by the research study. ...
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An abstract is a summary or condensed version of the research report. The abstract is organized, it identifies the general problem or research question and the general approach taken to implement the research. The abstract also briefly describes the people included in the study and one of the most important findings.
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