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Cellular Phone Usage While Operating Motor

and Tibshirani, R.J. (1997), the current road use regulations on road driving are insufficient to combat the problem. Indeed the current regulation are not sufficient because if some bans only prohibit hand held device while others bans hands free devices for certain types of motorists like teenagers or school bus drivers. This is not enough regulation to reduce accident caused by cellular usage because these drivers whether using a hand free kits on their cellular phone, they loss concentration while driving.
Redelmeier, D.A. and Tibshirani, R.J. (1997) research showed that cellular telephone use is more common in urban areas with Tulsa and Oklahoma counties accounting for 60% of cellular telephone in use crashes in 1993 and 51% in 1994 (as cited on the police crash report). Among, the 77 counties in Oklahoma, phone use crashes were reported in 32 counties in both 1993 and 1994.
While everyone knows that many accidents are caused by cellular phone usage while driving, finding accurate assessment of its scope has been challenging task. For one, many minor accidents go unreported and there is no proper records kept about the actual cause of the accident.
Violanti, J. M., (1997) says that we should address the issue of banning the cell phone usage while driving because drivers are likely to loss concentration, thereby causing an accident. ...
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Road accident is a large problem that must be addressed by all. There are many sources of drivers' distractions that have been associated with increased road accidents but since the introduction cellular phones as a means of communication, there has been increased inattention while driving due to cellular phone usage.
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