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Teaching Vocabulary - Essay Example

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The role that vocabulary knowledge plays in second and foreign language acquisition has long been neglected. However, vocabulary is currently receiving increased emphasis in the language teaching curriculum. This is due to several reasons, such as the influence of comprehension-based approaches to language development, the research efforts of applied linguists, and the exciting possibilities opened-up by the development of computer-based language corpora…

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Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching Vocabulary demands the use of various strategies as not all the students have the same capabilities to understand and comprehend the foreign as well as local languages. The issue of teaching vocabulary of a foreign language becomes more complicated due to the common lack of understanding of the foreign language of the children. (Council)
It also further depends as to how the children are willing to learn and what methods can effectively be used to teach the children in most optimum way so that the capabilities of the children are maximized. However large part of this learning depends upon the curriculum and various ideologies of curriculum adopted by the schooling systems to impart knowledge into the students. This further trickles down to the goals and objectives set by the teacher in teaching the class. Therefore the issue of teaching vocabulary and various methods of teaching it largely depend upon the way a teacher intends to follow the overall plan of teaching the students.
This essay will look into the various strategies for teaching the vocabulary to the students however, before doing so we will be discussing various curr ...
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