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Essay example - Village hotel

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After working hard in the weekdays every person wants to relax in weekends at a heavenly place. Though we can't go to heaven the corporate and real estate world brought the heaven to earth in the form of hotels, resorts, health clubs, etc. One of these is a village hotel…

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Since it has beaches everyone likes to visit these hotels.
The new married couples or the one who wants to enjoy their relationship frequents these village hotels. They are source of primary income for the village hotels. They provide all facilities and offers discounts that makes the hotel fares reasonable. Hawaiian hotels are very famous for couples. They provide everything from good food to excellent service and guide the tourists regarding historical places.
Village hotels provide special facilities for businessmen. They provide them conference halls, auditorium, dining halls, etc. Wedding and grand parties are one of the important sources of income. Hotels provide all the facilities needed. The fares depend on number of people coming to the party or space available in the hotel.
Village hotels have to make special arrangements in summer and on Christmas. During summer most of the people want to spend time with their families. Since summer vacations would be declared children would love to visit new places. The resorts offer special discounts for them. Places like Thailand, Goa, Hawaii, etc., are the most preferred village hotels.
Everyone has their own taste and prefers them very much. ...
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