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Ten Socio-Psychological Motivation that can be satisfide by a Tourist Visiting Fiji

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An analysis of Fiji country and its operation of tourism industry is important to understand how this socio-psychological motivators work in that environment. Since tourist requires places to stay some of the best and important facilities have been provided by Fiji country even though tourism remains a private sector industry.

How to use marketing mix buile Chiang Rai province as a destination during winter season

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Chiang Rai is making its best efforts to attract more female and family tourists, so that image of Thailand as a sex destination is attenuated by the image of Chiang Rai’s scenic and cultural attractions. Chiang Rai has large potential to offer medical tourism, adventure tourism and golf tourism to the foreign tourist at the affordable cost with the world-class luxury.

Appropriateness of the Edinburgh Tourism Strategy

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Appropriateness of the Edinburgh Tourism Strategy (Edinburgh2020) Name Course Institution Date Introduction The following discussion provides an analysis of the appropriateness of the Edinburgh2020 Tourism Strategy. For the past 20 years, Edinburgh has been on the verge of transforming her tourism industry through developing accurate strategies that do not only attract tourists from within and outside the country but also enhances retention of the already attracted tourists.

Sustainability and Strategy - HILTON HOTEL

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Sustainability and Strategy – Hilton Hotel Introduction Hilton Hotels & Resorts or commonly Hilton Hotels is an international business chain of hotels and resorts. The company was founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919, and now it is owned by Hilton Worldwide.

Urban Tourism Field Report

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Tourism involves movement to another place for leisure, business, or recreational purposes like site-seeing, and seeing, meeting, and experiencing other cultures (Azizi, 2011, p.1). Urban tourism then refers to the movements of these tourists, domestic or international, to the towns and cities to enjoy the recreational facilities or business opportunities in the urban centers.


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Today the two major paradigms of research are quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative research is rooted in the notion of positivism that contends a clear and definable reality exists that can be measured through quantifiable means (Giddens 1974).

Impacts Of Information Technology In Hospitality Industry.

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The 21st century has witnessed a tremendous growth in the use of information technology in conducting business globally. Information technology has made it quite easy to reach clients, order for goods, and bid for contracts or even negotiate for mergers with multinationals around the world.

Portfolio Analysis: Hilton International Inc

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Hilton (Hilton Worldwide, 2011, p. 1). Under the impeccable endeavours of its founder, this simple name became the respected giant in the world tourism and hospitality industry (Hilton Worldwide, 2011, p. 1). The company prides of thousands of employees and members who share the spirit of hospitality, thereby spreading the specific Hilton culture across the globe.

Strategic management project: A case study on Hilton Worldwide

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Strategy Management in the Hospitality Industry is a growing trend in the world of staggering economy and Globalization. Strategic Management provides 'Business Perspective' to a company which eventually organizes all the activities of the business. It helps to map out performance, progress, Quality and also gives vision, goals, and action plans (Reiner).

The Health and Wellness Industry is Being Proclaimed as a Revolution in Consumer Demand and Potentially Worth Trillions of Dolla

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Were it not for the increased demand for these classes of luxurious and health/wellness-focused products, such resorts would not have become quite widespread. In fact, every aspect and nuance of these tourist facilities has been carefully designed to achieve levels of excellence that by far exceeds that sought by most wellness- and health-conscious consumers (Bookman & Bookman, 2007).

The Effects of Tourism on the Small State of Monaco

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Monaco is a state in Europe that borders on France and the Mediterranean Sea. The state is well known as a popular tourist destination due to the mild climate, attractive scenery and wide range of gambling facilities. The largest impact that tourism has had on Monaco is the economic impact.

Holistic Living Guidelines

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The holistic lifestyle is one which consists of combining several remedies and formulas to change the living conditions and responses to health and the way in which the mind has formed. This consists of the ability to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one life.

Culinary(or Gastronomic)Tourism

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These terms are used to describe the activity of travelling in a bid to experience the different food of a region, an area or a country. Since many people are presently active in culinary tourism, it has been considered to be a critical constituent of the tourism experience.

Wildlife Tourism

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Major Project Proposal Form   The project proposed must normally have elements of literature review and primary data collection and analysis.     Personal Details Name: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Major project outline Title: Wildlife Tourism in the Scotland   Rationale The term ‘wildlife tourism’ encompasses two aspects, which can broadly be described as travelling to observe different flora and fauna.

Ecotourism in Washington DC

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The institution, which is in question, in this case is International Ecotourism Society which is located in Washington DC. The organization is a considerable contributor in the efforts which are meant to promoting ecotourism and training of individuals with regards to the importance of the environment and the benefits which can be achieved from it.

The Role of Events in the Seaside Destination: A Case Study of Sport Events in Eastbourne

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One of the ways that they accomplish this goal is by strategically hosting events. There may be many reasons why a destination wants to hold events, but the economic benefits derived from increased tourism serves as a prime motivation.

Pricing Strategies and their impact on Revenue

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In essence hotels ought to set their rates according to demand factors. Pricing remains an elemental factor that influences revenue streams in the hotel industry. Studies carried out in the recent past was concerned with competitive pricing as concerned with changes in prices between hotels and their direct competition.

International Sustainable Tourism Management

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Community based tourism is the involvement of the of the host community in the management, planning, construction, and maintenance of all aspects of development in the tourism industry (Busch and Trexler 2002). This means that the host community is involved in the ownership and control over tourism planning and certainly the outcomes.

Ethnic Tourism in Brick Lane, London.

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ppendix 6 Key references , page 70 Appendix 7 Community Questionnaires, page 71 Appendix 8 Demographic Characteristics of the Sample , page 77 Abstract This essay looks closely at Brick Lane, Tower Hamlets, and the area immediately surrounding, taken into consideration its past history, both distant and more recently, its present activities, and its future as a site of ethic tourism, as well as the effects this has on the local community and the part they play and have played in its regeneration,.

Business Professionals' Perceptions of the Future of Business Tourism in Abu Dhabi

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Fukuyama (1992) believes that such ideological transformation is triggered by the advocacy of the hegemonic prowess of the United States which after a while, proved to be nothing more than a mere chimera of a flailing dominance and thirst for world supremacy.

Project to assess the potential of a Singapore Signature Treatment

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In the tourism industry, the country is touted as one of the best destinations in the world. However, the recent developments in the Spa industry have created interest among industry stakeholders in the region. As a result, the Spa association of Singapore (SAS) in conjunction with different stakeholders decided to create a signature treatment that would be reminiscent of the Singaporean culture.

Tourism in Switzerland

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Abstract Macro-economic factors, especially currency fluctuation, have significant impact on tourism in a country. Recently, Swiss franc has been strengthening against the world’s major currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro, and British pound. Currency fluctuation has had negative impacts on tourism in Switzerland because it has led to high prices that have discouraged will-be tourists to shy away from visiting the country.

Spectator Management Plan (Event Managment)

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Crowd management is not so recent. Doukas (2006) narrates how Crowd Management started long time ago during the orientation of Olympics where by women were prohibited to enter into the sports arenas with the men. It was believed that Olympic grounds were sacred places and only the men were to enter.

How do quality management systems impact on revenue in the hospitality industry

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The key elements of quality management as defined in BS EN ISO9000 (2000) are – “customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, system approach, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships” (Dale, 2003).

Heritage Management and Eco Tourism in the UK and China.

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Cultural heritage is an essential component of any nations’ identity. In addition to being a national heritage, the cultural heritage is a wealth that belongs to the citizens as well as to the whole mankind. While in the past, cultural heritage management was a task that was confined to the archeological or preservation departments of any country, in the recent times, there is a need for increased cooperation between several different sectors, organizations and stakeholders for the management of the cultural heritage.
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