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The "Latino" community means all those people who have migrated to the United States of America and are now collectively referred to as a group. In a way, this is good as, by being referred to as a collective unit, they are getting the advantages associated of being a community.


It was the identity that was given to them by their country, whether it was Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador or Haiti. Their cultures (sports, food, arts, film, and architecture) differ, their languages diversify slightly, their religions may not be the same - and then why should they not be called an Argentinean or a Colombian rather than a Latino There should be a new approach for the "Latino" community where their differences should be studied, and then highlighted in various ways so as to communicate them to the world and especially United States of America so that any sort of biases and stereotyping can be avoided against them.
"Latino" is a term used for the people who belong to Latin America. This region consists of each country, each with their unique language, culture and identity. But their immigration to other countries of the world like United States of America have crushed their individual identity and made them popular as a collective unit, yet considered a minority and treated with biases and prejudice. This discrimination and highlight of a community aspect of Latinos has been mostly brought forward by the Spanish media, whether it is the television, newspapers, radio or the likes. Such media propagation by any country gives further impetus to different countries to form stereotypes and biases for these people. ...
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