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Computer mediated communication (CMC) is communicating via the computer and Internet. In the book titled, The Social Information Processing Theory, the author reports that while other theories state that CMC is fine for work and business such as processing information, news dissemination, and long-distance conference, anything beyond professional communication, friendships and relationships cannot be formed.


They will develop an impression of others from the interpersonal information that they receive and if they like what has been formed in their minds, based on what has been written, then they will get to know each other more.
who communicate others face to face" is addressed in the book titled, A First Look at Communication Theory. The book corresponds with Walther's social information theory, which suggests that people can still draw closer with the same quality and quantity of interpersonal knowledge but at an extended amount of time. Using the film You've Got Mail as a case study the book's author Griff (date) states that "(the characters') words illustrate the verbal cues and extended time features of SIP theory, as well as Walther's subsequent thinking." If people form good impressions of each other via CMC, then the self-fulfilling prophecy of a person's expectations causing another to respond accordingly will occur. Believe in it and it will happen is basically what this prophecy suggests.
Simon (2005) reports that the SIP theory suggests, "The person's behavioral response to the cues occurs as a function of a sequence of mental p ...
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