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Global Branding In The 21st Century

Global branding managers increasingly need to find ways to speak to customers individually, or in smaller groups.
Global brand managers are able to communicate with their customers in ways never before possible. The opportunities of interfacing with individuals and smaller, carefully targeted interest groups, and the ability to reach them whenever and wherever they may be at any given moment, are unlimited. Global branding managers are exploring all this with a variety of approaches, making the Internet a flexible and ever-changing medium. Even branding managers, whose products cannot be obtained directly via the Internet, such as fast-food restaurants, use the Internet to communicate a favourable personality and the value of their services to create goodwill among their customers.
In the midst of all this, brand presence emerges as an important means of continuity and interfacing with other communication media. If not, new brands and brand marks, that surface almost daily on the Internet, can become extinct even before being recognized and accepted by the customer. The time span for creating new brands and brand marks has been shortened substantially through the availability of computers and a wide variety of computer software. ...
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The conference global branding in the new millennium is very important for marketing executives since it covers the following concepts. In looking at a huge number of websites that have all of a sudden surfaced in all sorts of commerce, it appears that many of the numerous cyberspace entrepreneurs feel that the Internet is simply another means of communication that requires little, if any, variation from the traditional means of promoting and selling products and services…
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