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Panetti, Scott v. Quarterman, Nathaniel (Dir., TX Dept. of Criminal Justice) - Essay Example

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The paper is a review of Panetti, Scott v. Quarterman, Nathaniel case in a criminal thinking class from the standpoint of how the schizophrenic mind operates. It focuses on the mentally ill offender and his/her temperament symptoms that include: impulsivity, psychopath, egocentrism, weak socialization skills, thrill seeking behavior and aggressive energy and how it relates to criminality…

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Panetti, Scott v. Quarterman, Nathaniel (Dir., TX Dept. of Criminal Justice)

Negative symptoms are so named because they are considered to be the loss or absence of normal traits or abilities, and include features such as flat, blunted or constricted affect and emotion, poverty of speech and lack of motivation. Additionally, a 'disorganization syndrome' and neurocognitive deficit may be present. These may take the form of reduced or impaired psychological functions. Even the diagnostic category of schizophrenia has been widely criticized as lacking in scientific validity or reliability, consistent with evidence of poor levels of consistency in diagnostic practices and the use of criteria. The problems and issues making up the diagnosis of schizophrenia would be better addressed as individual dimensions along which everyone varies, such that there is a spectrum or continuum rather than a cut-off between normal and ill. This approach appears consistent prevalence of psychotic experiences and delusional beliefs amongst the general public.
The word Schizophrenia has derived from the Greek shjzofre'neja, meaning "split mind" manifested as mental disorder characterized by impairments in the perception or expression of reality. ...
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