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Capital Punishment in the United States - Essay Example

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Capital Punishment in the United States

Due to the threat posed by such predicament, the government now carries the burden of taking the necessary actions to alleviate the miserable condition that we are in now. The government has continually faced the option whether to utilize death penalty as punishment to vicious criminals or not
Capital punishment is too rarely used to prove a very efficacious deterrent. Yet, its occasional use renders it as ridiculous and purposeless outrage. For as it is now applied, death penalty is nothing but arbitrary discrimination against occasional victims. It cannot be even considered that it is reserved as an instrument of retributive justice for the most atrocious criminals.
And these people whom we call murderers, who our society is so anxious to be rid of, most of them could be remolded or reformed given the proper treatment, guidance, and rehabilitation. If we grieve so of the danger that these people pose to society, we could at least put them to prison for life or segregate them from society until such time when they are once again fit to live a normal life.
The debate about death penalty could not be equated to a simple game of chance. There are just so many complications involved. It has embroiled society and challenged the soundness of its moral, spiritual, and spiritual wisdom. Since the institution of death penalty, it has been forever been plagued not only with questions as to the uprightness of imposing such punishment but also with doubts in its execution. Up to this day, the arguments rage on and the governing bodies the world over are still entangled in their differing opinions. And while the debate continues, men and women, some guilty while some were innocent, march their way to the guillotines.
Everybody knows that we need to finally resolve this matter, decide whether it is politically, spiritually, morally right or wrong. The church has always expressed opposition to such form of punishment. Politicians or authorities take different stands depending on their principles while morality would basically dictate that killing of any form is wrong.
Many countries, including the United States, have swung back and forth in its stand regarding death penalty. Such conditions should have been reason enough to doubt and seek to finally decide on this matter. (Wikipedia)
So many issues need to be resolved. What is the principle behind using such form of punishment What does society seek to achieve by using death penalty Does it seek to punish, chasten, discipline, or correct However, all these objectives do not require or imply the imposition of death. This way, some would be lead to think that such action taken by society is tinged with retaliation or revenge, which makes it all the more wrong.
The institution of death penalty is an issue of morality, discipline, justice, and accuracy issues that society has up to this very day compounded with and has not resolved or has somehow let degenerate.
Statistics show how society and government wavers in almost all respects, even to that of capital punishment. It also shows how a bigger percentage of capital convictions have been overturned. Statistics also show the ...Show more


It is only by God that life is given; it is only by God that human life be taken away. Man has no right to encroach upon God's dominion over life. God alone has the right to decide when the soul's time on earth is finished."
WEBSTER defines death as a permanent cessation of all vital functions, the end of life, the cause, or occasion of loss of life, the passing, or destruction of something inanimate…
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Capital Punishment in the United States essay example
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