Something to Smile About

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It's a little known fact that small changes in one part of your body can easily take 10 years off your appearance. It's a cosmetic secret that many popular celebrities subscribe to. Perfectly white teeth" ("Something to Smile About". Metro. July 2005. Volume 15 (6).


Further, the changes in temperature of the foods and water we usually intake affect the colors of our teeth. Aging and other internal activities such too much fluoride may also stain the teeth ("Something to Smile About". Metro. July 2005. Volume 15 (6). pp 86).
However, this teeth discoloration issue can easily be solved through various methods. At home bleaching such as the use of specially prepared toothpastes can be an alternative. Laser tooth whitening is another option for those who would want a shorter process, because this would only entail a one to two-hour session.
The topic is again very simple yet a very helpful tip for its readers. I know for a fact that teeth discoloration has been a pertinent problem of most people now a days, especially because beauty and physical appearance now matters a lot.
I also liked the simplicity of its presentation. Just the smile of a person having perfect teeth is enough to connote what is inside the story. It does not need further graphics nor pictures because those can only look the page a bit messy.
What seemed a bit awkward to me was the mentioning of Colgate's Simply White product. It looked like it was just advertising the product and not giving tips to the readers. May be this could be minimized if Colgate's product was shown in a not too "hard sell" way. ...
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