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Introducing Sheltered Instruction - Essay Example

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This paper critically examines the need of concentrating on school course content and way of teaching by keeping non English speaking student into mind. Some techniques have been applied in order to confirm that their progress does not stop just because of not understanding English…

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Introducing Sheltered Instruction

According to the research carried out by National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition, (2002), it is known that each year proportion of non- English speaking students is increasing at more rate than actual number. And many states are not up to that level to deliver language and other services that these immigrant students actually need. As per the work by Moss & Puma (1995), Ruiz-de-Velasco (2000) & Fix and Waggoner (1999), these students have less grades and high dropout rate as compared to US-born students in spite of having high attendance rate. It is evident from these studies that most schools are not satisfying the requirement of educating linguistically and culturally diverse students. To achieve high levels of educational standards and accommodate the requirement of 'No Child Left Behind Act (2001)', federal and state governments expect all students to have adjusted national and state assessments. English learners enter U.S schools with wide range of language proficiencies and subject matter knowledge, based on their background, socioeconomic status, age of arrival and personal experiences. To succeed students with varieties of criteria the teacher development, program design, curriculum and materials, and instructional and assessment practices should be modified. This paper will address especially strategies for improving teacher development and instructional practices.
Many standards have been ...
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