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Essay example - Reflection Paper on Social Change through Immigrant Integration

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In Peter Skerry's article "Citizenship Begins at Home: A New Approach to the Civic Integration of Immigrants," he has observed that "To succeed in the United States immigrants need some type of institutional guidance." (p. 28). Certainly there is an irrefutable logic here: a person (or community) unfamiliar with a new environment needs both instruction and supervision from an organization grounded in the necessary and acceptable procedures…

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However, in doing so, the organization walks the fine line between what Skerry has acknowledged as a propensity to "help" or "hassle" that is, the institute definitely has the means by which to assist immigrants, but must be careful not to impose the predominant culture in a condescending manner with the intent to either belittle or eradicate the immigrants' cultural heritage. If for no other reason than a closed system stagnates, the community as a whole is revitalized through embracing new perspectives. The goal of the institute should therefore be to offer a means of integration by first providing services that provide guidance to the present civic structure, second provide cultural access through which the immigrants might become familiar with more local customs, and lastly by encouraging a continuation of immigrant traditions and customs while making these as open as possible to the indigenous community. The purpose of these three approaches is to promote understanding and appreciation between the two communities.
Skerry has referenced Will Herberg's observation that " in America religion was a more acceptable basi ...
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