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Essay example - Business Strategy Able Corporation

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Able Corporation has been in the business of providing a whole range of power tools like circular saws, drills, routers, reciprocating saws, planes and hammer drills. Its clientele included professional as well as individual consumers, selling the tool through industrial as well as consumer channels…

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Able Corporation provides user friendly 'portable electric power tools' for individuals and professionals for their plumbing, electricity and other furniture fitting requirements. We strive to make life easier for carpenters, electricians, wood-workers and plumbers by providing them with user-friendly tools.
Company's value proposition must include its long association with customers in the field of power tools, its ability to take lead and come out with innovative ideas, its ability to retain a good market share despite increasing cost of production owing to some internal problems and of course its urge to grab more market space in near future.
Walden International believes in short-term quarterly financial considerations, which will help Able Corp in taking short-term reviews of its operations and corrective actions can be taken accordingly.
Planning forms an integral part of management. Fleischner (2007) states that, marketing plan is a way of developing a marketing program and achieving something within the available resources and time limits. Such a plan basically involves, setting objectives and selecting strategies accordingly. ...
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