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Abstract about Barriers to KMS - Other types Example

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Author : cathyjones


This dissertation will comprehensively present the concept of limitation in effective use of knowledge management system, several pivotal concepts like a consultant's main job, government institutions in Thailand…

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Abstract about Barriers to KMS

The reasons why people shy away leveraging KMS will also be found out in this dissertation. The important of this research is investigate the barriers preventing people to effective use of KMS in PwC(Thailand). The concept of knowledge management will be looked at from a keen eye perspective and after dwelling this concept, the limitations will also be taken into account. The dissertation is divided into several integral sections, each has its own importance and there is something substantial in each section of the dissertation. The case of Thailand will be taken into account in this dissertation; the PwC will be closely monitored in various sections of the dissertation. A well researched conclusion will be arrived at which will sum up all the important points and which will also give a good insight on all the research questions presented in the beginning of the dissertation. The limitations of the dissertation will also be discussed at the end which will focus upon the restrictions that were faced when conducting research on the subject. ...
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