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Management Information System

The variety of services offered to the passengers may be extended to include, for instance, communication between the cabins, GPS service, gambling etc. The system may also provide the customization of the offerings, by finding the stored information about the choices made during the previous trip and suggesting to a passenger his or her favorite dish or wine.
On the other hand, for the ship managers and personnel the Ship Partner provides enormous benefits as well. By maintaining an extensive real-time database, allowing easy extraction of the information in the form of reports needed and facilitating the communication process with the passengers, the Ship Partner allows the managers to focus more on the core competencies. If there is no need to devote a lot of time to conducting these activities, the management can concentrate on providing a better customer service and inventing ways to improve cruise ship's current operational activities.
In general, such an information system and communication network, customized to the needs of particular business sphere, would prove to be of use in the sectors for which reliable and up-to-date clients' information and provision of a high-level services to the custome ...
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The Ship Partner information system provides the passengers of the The Queen Mary 2 with all-integrated entertainment and communication network. Not only does it allow accessing the variety of movies and interactive TV-programs, and perhaps also music and radio, gives an opportunity to browse a web and send e-mails to friends, but also makes planning and making the necessary arrangements much easier…
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