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Lee Miller - Essay Example

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Elizabeth "Lee" Miller was born on the 23rd of April 1907 in Poughkeepsie, New York. She was a successful model in the 1920s, actress, surrealist, freethinker, a Parisian fashion and fine art photographer, and World War Two photographer. Her portraits of women were often strong and heroic while those of men were often soft and lovable…

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Lee Miller

Though it started and ended in tragedy, it was filled with excitement and several trail-blazing firsts.
"Lee Miller - The Movie" would star: Miller's interesting supportive parents, two husbands, famous WWII figures, her son who was disappointed by his alcoholic mother, celebrities, and famous artists (including Picasso) and photographers. Major scenes would include the tragic childhood sexual abuse that left her with gonorrhea, the fairytale discovery of her by photographer Conde Nast, her New York modeling career, her two marriages, her experiences photographing World War II, and the disastrous effects the war had on her that ultimately lead to her own tragic demise. The final scenes would chronicle the world's amazing "rediscovery" of Miller through her son's book and her daughter-in-law's rummaging in Miller's attic, after Miller's death in the 1970s.
Lee Miller was born "Elizabeth Lee Miller" in Ploughkeepsie, New York on the 23rd of April 1907 to parents Theodor and Florence Miller. She was the middle child, with an older brother John and a younger brother Erik. Theodore Miller, her Father was an engineer and a businessman. ...
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