Peer to Peer Push Technology for Content Delivery Systems

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Kenneth E. Kendall is a renowned and distinguished professor of Management at Rutgers University, School of Business-Camden in New Jersey, USA. The applauded achievement of Ken was to found the International Conference on Information System (ICIS) which attracts thousands of Information system researchers in the conference annually.


The leading book of Ken is System Analysis and Design.
The book explores avant-garde research which is being conducted on emerging information technologies. This book explains the application and relevance to the consultants, managers and to the decision makers. The real purpose of the book is to enable the readers to build bridges from technological coming out to the technological uplifting. The in depth analyses in the book include Data Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence , Information Delivery Systems and Group Support System.
From the last decade the research of Dr.Kendall is focused on e-commerce and particularly his sphere of attention is push and pulls technologies. His very famous article "Information Delivery System: An Exploration of Web Push and Pull Technologies" was published in Communication of AIS.
This book was helpful for me to understand the Push Technology and was informative for me to know that Push is a realizable technology within the known HTTP protocols, which are quite very well established in the Internet arena today
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