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Curriculum is a defined set of courses, objectives and steps to meet goals that are designed by educational institutions to meet the perceived current and future needs of students. In the USA, each State develops its own set of criteria for curriculum, and individual school districts adapt the over-riding criteria to best meet the needs of its students.


As such, the States approach scientific literacy as a skill that can be transferred to other areas of students' lives, and so broaden their ability to interact with the world as well as enhance their future prospects as tertiary students or member of the workforce(Massachusetts Board of Education, 2000; New York State Education, 2001).
This paper aims to identify the State curriculum that best meets the needs of students in the 21st century in regards to a science education. Firstly, the curriculum for year 8 science students attending Thomas A. Edison Middle School (Massachusetts) will be detailed. Secondly the curriculum for year 8 science students at Benjamin N. Cardozo (New York) will be presented. A comparison of similarities and differences between the two curricula shall then be discussed. Next, the strengths and weaknesses of each outlined. The curriculum considered most appropriate for year 8 science students shall be identified. A conclusion will summarise the main points of the paper and make recommendations for future research.
The students attending Thomas A. ...
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