Content Analysis on Barack Obama's candidacy coverage by Fox news (and minor comparison with other tv stations like abc)

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Fox News is widely known for its right-winged, conservative slant that lacks media credibility. Fox was quick to repeat a story that Insight magazine published shortly after Barak Obama announced that he would run as a presidential candidate in the 2008 election.


Fox News quickly parroted the charges" (Debunked Insight Magazine). After the rumor about Obama turned out to be false Fox News aired The Live Desk with Martha MacCallum in which MacCallum squarely places the blame of the rumor about Obama being a radical Muslim on the Clinton administration due to e-mails that were allegedly circulated on the internet by Clinton staffers. By placing the blame of the rumor on the Clinton administration Fox News smeared two democrats at once. Obama claimed that he was a Christian. Surely Fox News couldn't find fault with that, but they did. Fox News' Sean Hannity has alleged that the church Obama is a member of, United Church of Christ which is located in Chicago, is a racist church. On Hanninty's show on Fox News, Hannity made the accusation that Obama is a racist and he made implications to have the
viewer believe that if Obama is elected President the whole country will be ran in a way to promote only a black agenda. During the 2004 elections, Senator John Kerry faced similar slander as Fox ran a story that a Communist organization supported Kerry for president, thereby tying Kerry to Communism. ...
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