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Company G Marketing Plan

The product is primarily a portable Global Positioning System (GPS) device, which provides the information in "real-life" three dimensional graphics providing enhanced user experience, and is much easier to use than similar conventional devices. The interactive touch screen provides a video game arcade feel, which is closer to real-life than any other similar product. The device can be mounted on the driver dashboard of a car. Unlike conventional GPS devices, this appliance will be able to retrieve map information even when surrounded by tall buildings during city driving.
There will be several add-on optional features to make it a convergence device. It can be detached easily from the car, and can be synchronized with the user's home/ office computer. As a safety measure, the device can be used as an internet browser only when it is removed from its dock on the car dashboard. It uses a revolutionary wireless technology to download internet content at a speed three times higher than other conventional devices, and can be used for playing songs in the car as well. It can communicate with other devices using Bluetooth and infrared technologies to transfer content. Users can subscribe to online services, which will enable them to search and find any geographic location online (e.g., restaurant).
The product line has bee ...
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Company G is an established and reputed firm in the electronics market. It has recently developed a line of small appliances, which is expected to perform well in the market owing to its elegant visual design, high reliability, and low cost of production. These factors coupled with the modest initial investment are expected to make Company G the lowest-cost producer in the small appliance industry.
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