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Animation music plays a significant role in today's modern world, but its roots date back to the silent film era which was the birth of its original conception. According to the Goldmark, a few of the cartoons might have had "specials scores" which were given to the theaters.


That's the conclusion reached after a number of tests, and consequently hereafter Pathe, the distributor of these subjects, will furnish musical effects sheets to each distributor booking one of these cartoons."
In the 1930s, animation music was not very highly appreciated and derogatory remarks such as "Mickey mousing" a term that was used in a derogatory manner by David O. Seiznick when he compared a score by Max Steiner to that of a Mickey mouse cartoon which implied that the score was extremely simplistic and the happenings in the scene could be easily guessed.
However, it was Carl Stalling who made the greatest impact in the arena of animation music. He made use of contemporary songs as film music. Stalling got hooked to movies after watching "The Great Train Robbery." By 1904, in Lexington, Missouri, he started playing the piano during the changing of the reel at the local movie theatre. Later, in the mid - 1920s he became the leader of the orchestra where he worked at the Isis Theatre in the city of Kansas. Gradually, Stalling made music by improvising on the keyboard to suit the features of the cartoon. He used this style for short films as well as animated series such as "Alice in Cartoonland."
Walt Disney a young filmmaker in Kansas City gave two cartoons on Mickey Mouse ...
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