Intensive Design Project of Fast Computer File System

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The present report is concerned with the design of a file system that can be used for simple read and write operations on a file. The file system that is to be designed has to take two key elements into consideration. They are the main memory and the secondary, which is essentially, made up of magnetic disks.


The proposed file system has to cater to the needs of both these types that would allow for the storage and retrieval of any type of file. Secondly, the proposed file system will be incorporated with or will function under the simple commands of read (), write (), open (), store () that is similar to the calls under UNIX.
The proposed file system will implement the concept of directories with a unique feature. As the total disk size given for the assignment is 120GB, storage and retrieval will take a lot of time is the entire disk space were to be considered as a single entity. Also the amount of information that would have to be maintained by the table in the main memory for the purpose of caching would be enormous and would occupy a lot of space. Therefore, in order to reduce the sizes of the tables and in order to improve the speed of accessing, the entire disk space will be partitioned into a series of virtual drives that will be considered as independent entities on logical terms. Thus, any file system will revolve around these virtual drives. Each virtual drive will have a size of 8GB each. Each of 8GB virtual drives will be made up of blocks of size 8kB each. Thus, in order to access any particular file, the file system can initially switch over to the particular drive by looking up at just 4 bits (24 =16), as the number of such virtual drives is 15. ...
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