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Feminist Theories and The Position of the Modern Woman - Essay Example

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Feminism is a wide, competing and at times opposing collection of beliefs, theories, political movements and even moral philosophies that are mainly concerned about or motivated by the experiences and living conditions of women (Lerner, 1994). People propagating such theories and beliefs and/or supporting such movements are known as feminists…

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Feminist Theories and The Position of the Modern Woman

However, the various feminist theories differ, to a large extent, on the sources and types of inequality suffered by women, how to tackle these inequalities and achieve equality or the extent to which gender and sexual identities should be questioned. Obviously, as with every ideology, political movement or philosophy, no single definition or idea would adequately reflect what feminism stand for (Tong, 1989).
Nonetheless, despite the various differences within the rank of the feminists' movements, over the last couple of decades, their analysis and ideas have greatly contributed to society and social theory and thus have greatly improved the lives of women. Several aspects of private life associated with male/female social relationships have experienced changes and many parts of social life have been transformed as a result of the work of feminism. Although, some people argue that there is still along way to go before equality is attained between men and women, everyone agree to the fact that major changes have been experienced towards such equality in the society (Burt and Dorney, 1993).
Somehow, men and women through their social actions and interactio ...
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