Soft Drink Companies: Web Site Evaluation.

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Soft Drink Companies: Web Site Evaluation.
The Internet has become one of the primary ways in which a corporation communicates with its customer base and investors. In decades past they relied on advertising to get their message to the public


Firms are no longer limited to the 30 or 60 second spots on television or radio, but can now offer a vast array of information to their customer base. They can be informative, promoting, or just for fun. Coca-cola, Pepsi, and Fanta each have web sites that reflect their own individual character and culture. While some of the information is interesting and useful, some of it is merely an obligatory afterthought.

The Coca-cola web site reflects its image as the historical leader in the soft drink industry. It is useful to the consumer as a vehicle to access their Coke Rewards program where shoppers can trade their reward points for things such as MP3 players or Coca-cola fashion items. The Coca-cola store is helpful in locating items that have been a favourite among collectors. In addition, the Polar Bear support fund is a project that works to save the environment that these animals rely on. The site accurately portrays Coca-cola as a solid company with a rich tradition. The Coca-cola web site loses its value when it offers music that is of little interest outside the promotional venue. The same can be said of its sports information. One of the worst features of the site is its slow response and lack of download speed.

The Pepsi web site reflects the company culture of youth and innovation. It is effective as it opens with background music that portrays its image. ...
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