Basic skills for managerial success

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The manager interviewed for this paper is part of the middle management of a large organisation. He is holding a position as a key account manager of a multinational organisation with a business office in Australia. The organisation is part of the service sector with core competence in the consultancy business.


The targets focus on the number of consultants that generates revenues for the organisation. His managerial function also involves motivating his team members to perform their work at the highest possible level for the benefit of the team and the organisation. Since the company is a target-driven organisation, the manager's major functions also involve monitoring and correcting the activities of his members through weekly reports and meetings.
According to Daft and Marcic (2001), the general definition of management is the achievement of desired organisational goals in a manner that is efficient and effective. In order to achieve these goals, a manager must perform different functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling organisational resources. A manager must know how to learn what is valued, what would be of more value, and what will be valued by customers and users. (Parr, 1992)
Planning involves setting goals and deciding how to best achieve these goals. It helps the organisation set its future objectives and map out activities that are necessary to attain these goals. Plans are created as guide for the organisation to obtain and commit the resources needed to reach its goals. This also serves as a framework where members of the organisation carry on activities which are consistent with the chosen objectives and procedures. ...
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