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The American Community and Family

He was very kind to his fellows, that" there were no dog that would bark at him". But in his own house with his family he is different, he doesn't perform goodness, he will just come with his dog and his rifle. His wife used to nag at him because of his laziness and irresponsibility in his own family. His wife is always angry to him because he is no useful in the family. Because Rip Van Winkle will rather help other people fix their fences than working on his farm. Unfortunately, time came that he couldn't takeaway anymore the words of his wife so he went to the mountain where he and his dog used to go to. But a strange dwarf came out and brought him to its world and makes him sleep for almost 20 years ago.
When he went back to his town, people also don't even know him. But as his daughter approached the crowd then knew that he was the Rip Van Winkle who was lost over 20 years ago. But still the community came to accept him. Here we see that the people in the community have the role of recognizing an n individual due to its good performance. But if an individual came to be as a stranger, of course it won't give him positive responses, as long as he came to be known for long with them.
In the story of Maxim Hong Kingston, the "No Name Woman" the character was b ...
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Everything is connected to everything else", according to the principle of Ecology. The connection between the organism and its community is a part of it. This essay will go round the American community and the people in it. The interaction between the two is well illustrated by the stories of Washington Irving, "Rip Van Winkle", Maxine Hong Kingston, "No Name Woman", Alice Walker, "Everyday Use" and others…
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