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Essay example - Inventor Nikola Tesla

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The history of harnessing electric power by mankind shines with the creative genius of the inventor Nikola Tesla who was among the outstanding pioneers in this field. His numerous epochal inventions include Alternating Current (AC) Induction Motor (1888), High Frequency Generator (1890) and Tesla Coil (1891)…

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Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia in 1856 to an orthodox Serbian family. His father was a clergyman. After his initial education at Croatia, he studied at the Polytechnic School at Austria and at the University of Prague. After immigrating to the USA in 1884, he was employed briefly by Thomas Edison at the Edison Machine Works, New Jersey. He left the job to fully devote his time for research works and inventions. He became a naturalized American citizen in 1891 and spent the creative period of his life at Manhattan where he died in 1943. He suffered bankruptcy and died destitute. Tesla did most of his experiments at his laboratory in New York City. The patent right of his system of getting electric power from AC was purchased by George Westinghouse, an American inventor.
Of this inventive genius, John J. O'Neill says "This spark of intellectual incandescence, in the form of a rare creative genius, shot like a meteor into the midst of human society". Mechanical engineer by training, most of his inventions related to electrical field. The world believed that Marconi was the inventor of radio till the US Supreme Court resolved the dispute in favor of Tesla in 1944 after his death. ...
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