Personal Commitment to Respecting Cultural Differences and Avoiding Cultural Bias

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The graphic organizer shows how multicultural education incorporates a world view that enhances the tenants of culture as social behaviors from individual beliefs, and that of education as learning social acceptance. The cumulating of these ideals leads to a future of better and more equal human rights and celebrating our differences as individuals, members of the global society, and as members of our historical culture.


In their discussion of the role of culture in individual behavior, Tillman and Kirkpatrick (1972) argue that the culture explains variance in human behavior. Culture is defined by Tillman and Kirkpatrick (1972) as the set of concepts to which a common valence is attached by a large number of individuals. So a certain individual's values reflect the goals and valences of that person's culture. Therefore, since consumer trust has been noted as a concept of individual behavior above, it becomes important to understand the values of that culture. Culture is the sum total of capabilities and habits acquired by humans as members of society, encompassing their knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, laws, and customs.
Multicultural education is derived from the classical term "Intercultural Education" that began in the late 1920's with the premise of: "the acknowledgement of the diverse population of the United States, and the intent to help students understand the world and the American society in which they live" through education of the ethnic backgrounds and cultural variances of immigrant populations being educated in the ...
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