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Essay example - "leaders are born and not made" critically discuss

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Leaders are the people who have the vision to put company in the right direction. Different authors have various views about leadership. Some say these qualities are inborn and granted as the gift of nature [e.g. Horner 1997 and Kotter 1998]. There are authors [e.g…

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Today's dynamic environment requires leaders to be flexible enough to drive change in the organization.
The paper elaborates and critically discusses the different leadership approaches and theories. It critically analyzes the statement that "leaders are born not made" in the light of the views of different authors on various theories.
In the early twenty century, it was considered that the leaders are born and cannot be made. It was assumed that there must be three qualities in every leader and on the basis of these qualities the leaders can be judged. Personality, physicality and mentality were the elements that were found mandatory to be a leader. It was also thought that the organizations having an ability to recognize great leaders would touch the pinnacle of success (Horner 1997). According to this view, the leaders are born and these qualities cannot be developed. Without the natural capabilities and abilities no one could become a leader. These leadership qualities are the gift of nature that can be given to any one regardless of sex, nationality and origin.
Horner suggests that a number of researches have been carried out to distinguish the qualities of a leader but so far no great output has been achieved. The author says that there may be several situational and environmental factors that add up to a leader's effectiveness (1997). ...
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