Women in Medieval Europe

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Medieval Europe childlike time the commonly found personalities of that time names are feudal kings, saintly nuns and hardworking surfs they are not modern today people take medieval women as hopelessly oppressed or wonderfully free. Middle age is important because when feminist's movement started in nineteenth century they went back to Middle Ages for information regarding education, status under law and participation in political life.


Almost all spinning was done by women.
Feminist medievalists many hundreds of them have an association, a journal, bibliographic projects, and even long standing research collaborations (Susan, 1987). In some cases they are peculiarly handicapped, approaching distant past through incomplete and intransigent sources that were, with few exceptions, created and preserved by men. (Rosenthal, 1990)
Few of the great examples of that time are Eleanor of Aquitaine organized a rebellion against her husband, King Henry 11 of England. Christine de Pisan, a Frenchwoman, was married at the age of 15 and became a widow at the age of 25. She then made her living as a writer. Although few women fought in battle, they often had to organize the defense of a castle. The Countess of Buchan defended Berwick Castle so fiercely against King Edward one of England that, when he finally overcame her soldiers, he hung her over the battlements in an iron cage. Women could become honorary members of certain knightly orders. A knight's wife looked after the children and organized tasks such as cooking and making clothes. She also hired the laborers, supervised the stewards, sold the produce and kept the accounts. ...
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