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International Human Resource

However, the nature of their work and the type of organization they work for will determine how these common environmental factors are perceived - whether they are seen as positive or negative, threats or opportunities
Over the last two decades there has been a profound shift in thinking about the role that people play in the success of the business, with a growing view that the management of people is a key organizational capability and one, which should be highly integrated with the strategic aims of the business. A cornerstone of this notion of International human resource management is the creation of linkage or integration between the overall strategic aims of the business and the human resource strategy and implementation
Managers should keep informed about important factors and developments in both their external and internal environments. They can do this by constantly 'scanning' their environment, which is, by establishing and maintaining a network of contacts, maintaining good communication channels, keeping up-to-date in their field and monitoring important issues and activities.
It is not necessary to be an expert on modern day business to know that there are few organizations entirely limited by national boundaries. The smallest independent entrepreneur in the UK will have office equipment made in Japan or the USA. ...
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No organization exists in isolation. Every organization exists in an environment where it interacts with, and is influenced by, the general public, specific groups (whether they be customers, clients, suppliers, pressure groups, etc) and/or various government bodies…
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