Literature Review and Proposal

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The focal point of this paper is to analyze and evaluate the different aspects of English Football in the last 40 years and how it has changed in the context of the foreign influence and its effects on the game. In other words the issue in question is whether the foreign influence has affected the game in the last 40 years.


However, things did not turned out as expected and it was found that other nations were actually overtaking the national sports of England with relative ease and it was more evident in the last 40 years. According to the fundamental hypothesis it can be stated that foreign influences has much to do with it. This is where the question becomes extremely important. Football is not only the national sports of England it is also an immensely popular sports in the country. It is fundamentally a heritage of England and the current degradation of this sport is a crisis of the national level and it is important to understand the reason behind this.
A Qualitative method of study differs from the usual quantitative methods (used in the study of pure sciences) in the sense that it tends to be far more subjective. This is in sharp contrast to the methods used in pure sciences which are exclusively objective. The research methods for marketing are a combination of both quantitative and qualitative methods. Being open to qualitative methods of study also allows social scientists to incorporate non-quantitative data (i.e. non-numerical data, such as words, images, gestures, impressions etc.) in their study. ...
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