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First help in writing a perfect Research Proposal

Research Proposal is writing that proposes a research project, usually in sciences or academia. Generally, it also contains a request for sponsorship of that research. A research proposal is evaluated by a Thesis Committee. The criteria include the cost and the potential impact of the proposed research, the soundness of proposed plan, the quality of writing, the relevancy of chosen methodology, etc.

How to write a Research Proposal?

A perfect Research Proposal of yours has to convince others that you have a worthwhile research project and, most importantly, the competence and the work-plan to complete it. Also, it is essential to include sufficient information to convince the readers that you have an essential research idea, a good grasp of the relevant literature and the sound methodology.

The critical points of each good Research Proposal:

  1. Research questions: what they will be addressed and how
  2. How much time and expense is planned for a research
  3. Prior research on the topic, to show your background
  4. How will the results of the investigation be evaluated
  5. How this study will be useful for sponsoring organization or other parties.

There is also a standardized structure for this writing, which should cover following points

  1. Title

It should be concise and descriptive. A compelling title always pricks the reader’s interest and predisposes her/him favorably towards the proposal.

  1. Abstract

It is a summary of your future research. Usually, it is not longer than 300 words. Includes the research question, the rationale for the study, the hypothesis, methods and main findings.

  1. Introduction

It sets the necessary background and context for your research issue.

  1. Literature Review

This section demonstrates your knowledge of the research problem and the ability to critically evaluate relevant information.

  1. Chosen Methods

Here you are about to specify how you plan to tackle your research problem. It will provide your writing with a plan and describe the activities needed for the completion of the project.

  1. Results

It is obvious; you don’t have the conclusions at a proposal stage. Still, it is required for you to have an idea or an assumption of what your research will result with.

  1. Discussion

Communicate the sense of your research and its potential impact. Ensure your readers it is worth to be completed.

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Research Proposal

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Examples List on Research Proposal

What Impact the Policy of Implementation of Performance Based Funding will have on Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Louisiana
4 pages (1000 words) , Research Proposal
Nobody downloaded yet
According to the paper respective governments around the world will try to make as much contribution towards education sector as possible to make well qualified citizens for a better tomorrow. Some of the education institutions, not having enough resources, are often provided state funding in order to bring them at par with other institutions.
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The Policy of Deportation and Detention in Greece and the UK
2 pages (500 words) , Research Proposal
Nobody downloaded yet
Seeking to explore European immigration policies with respect to asylum seekers and refugees in comparative perspective, I propose to analyze the policies of deportation and detention in Greece and the United Kingdom, respectively. European immigration is an important issue which is receiving more and more attention in light of global economic.
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Proposal to Write a Research Paper on Climate Change Mitigations
2 pages (500 words) , Research Proposal
Nobody downloaded yet
This piece shows my readers how the change of climate has affected diverse spheres of life including business. My readers will incorporate business and environmental students since they are better placed to understand the deficiencies. Although climate change has caused serious impacts on the world mitigating measures are evident.
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Ensuring Optimal Emotional Intelligence in Adolescents: An Empirical Perspective
11 pages (2750 words) , Research Proposal
Nobody downloaded yet
In this paper, an experimental design will be used for the study. Four first year-college classes will be identified from different colleges and members of the classes used. Coaching and feedback will be the treatment measures and absence, application independently, and the integrated application will be used.
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Strategic Management and Leadership Techniques Efficiency
14 pages (3500 words) , Research Proposal
Nobody downloaded yet
Information is a strategic resource in the modern time and the use of it depends upon the different ways in which knowledge is stored and used in the firms. Knowledge management, which has become the modern day’s trend, also depends a lot on the use of information. So information serves as a crucial role in organizations.
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