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Art Deco was the artistic and design movement that took place between the two World Wars (approximately, from 1920 to 1939). It started in Europe (specifically in France) and then moved to the United States, but a dynamic of mutual influences started soon flowing across the Atlantic ocean (University Times, University of Pittsburg, vol…

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Art Deco

The importance of this exposition lied in the fact that it was the first time decorative arts were the major figures of an exposition and, even more, they were seen as standards of modernity (Victoria and Albert Museum, "Art Deco Study Guide", November 2008. The Exposition of 1925 was organized by a group of artists called "La Socit des artistes dcorateurs", whose main interest was to made clear the prominent position of France in the field of decorative arts. Some of the artists that formed this group were Eugne Grasset, Maurice Dufrene or the architect Hector Guimard (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "Art Deco",
Art Deco was the product of a period of wealth after the World War I (the Roaring Twenties in the United States and the peak of new bourgeoisie in Europe), so it was a luxurious and sophisticated art, but also rational and functional, which were the standards demanded by the society.
It mainly affected decorative arts, such as furniture, architecture, graphic arts, pottery or jewelry, but its influence extended to other artistic fields like films or fashion. ...
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