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Microsoft High School

One of the critical challenges that faced the company in the 80s was developing a career track for those who were individual contributors at best and those who were managers or had potential to be managers. This arose due to the fact the company being an IT company, technical people were mostly hired who may or may not be managers. The solution was to allow people to remain technical experts and get the same opportunity to advance in terms of compensation, promotion and recognition as those in the management track. Ladder levels for determining vertical movement were based on an individual's job nature, together with his experience, skill and performance. In addition, growth was also made possible with horizontal transfers from one job to another. New hires were also encouraged to learn from mentoring from those who were company seniors.
IT industry's explosive growth, thousands of ...
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Microsoft's success as the most dominant software company has been attributed both by company founders and outsiders to the extraordinary talent and drive of its employees. From its early days when Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer instituted the policy of only recruiting the best, the most ambitious and creative and not necessarily those with experience, hiring was tied with never settling for mediocrity (protected by its n minus 1 staffing formula, where n is the actual number of people needed and 1 a default no-hire decision for a just good but not outstanding job candidate)…
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