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Organizational and Societal Functions

These, when clubbed are categorized as the Organizational and Societal arenas, where the PR man has to function.
Public Relations is reaching out to the world to create an image of the company, its products and services so as to have a positive competitive impact, which in turn makes for a good long term bottom-line.
Apart from the traditional public relations function of working with the media and exposing the good side of the organization, now the hectic pace of all the domestic and global industries demand the following functions too:
The last, becoming more and more urgent and forceful as the organizations are impacting globally, by their multi-country locations. These generate a plethora of economic, social, cultural and even religious issues, which have to be resolved.
2. Relationship management - This demands great tactical skill that adequately addresses the strategies formulated, to be played right across the board. It is all inclusive and in dire need nothing is excluded. Traditionally the directions required are {a} Internal Within the organization and {b} External Outside the organization.
3. Media Relations - The core area of public relations is media relations. ...
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Public Relations, people tend to derive a host of, spoken or unspoken, meaning to this very critical department in an organization. Rarely seen otherwise but they come into focus in all the major events in the life of the organization. It is therefore looked on with envy or sympathy, depending largely on the kind of occasion or fire they are fighting…
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