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Key Strategies

The simple logic supporting the need for ethical guidelines is that actions in business are the result of decisions by human beings, and human beings tend to seek justification for their actions beyond the rule of value for money. As Hill writes, "top management determines quality priorities, establishes the systems of quality, management and the procedures to be followed, provides resources and leads by example" (Hill 1991, 23). The quality guidelines are crucial to ensure that the service is provided using a consistent process which is described in the quality documents. ISO standards followed by Canbide provide a standard of quality assurance for firms only involved in final inspection and testing of products. Firms using this standard are basically performing the inspection function of the product that would normally be done by the customer when the product is received. For Canbide, Total Quality Management is a strategic approach to quality which permeates the entire organization (Slack 2003).
Basic behavioral science principles and practices are the foundation of excellence through quality programs. The rational for these programs is to motivate workers and increase service quality, e.g. ...
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Successful performance and profitability of the organizations depends upon quality of products and services it delivers. Many organizations, like Canbide, employ quality management approaches in order to ensure high quality standards and company image. For Canbide, it means the gradual improvement, and thus the setting and achieving of ever-higher standards…
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