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Social Science/Social Policy

Interview one was focused on the care giver and the gender of the interviewee was confirmed as being male. This theme related to the gender distinctions common in the care service. Care work had been seen as a largely stereotypical women's job. In this case the job description and the gender of care work did not fit the generalized ideology of what a care worker should be. The subject and them of work related directly to the difficulty the interviewee experienced in getting into residential care. He had been a volunteer at first but had been in the business for 12 years. There is also the question of how the interviewee sees the social policy framework. The subject of what is still needed in the social care environment is examined and clearly the care worker believes there should be more professional therapists in the business. He also maintains that there are not sufficient amounts of males in the care environment. Furthermore, there is a connection and relationship between perceived gender roles and work perceptions. Relationships between the gender of the carer and the gender of the patient as we will see in interview two.
The themes in this interview were similar to those in interview one, but in this case the interviewee was the taker of the care instead of the giver. The interviewee was also male and not particularly complimentary of the care providing services. ...
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The purpose of research is always in the evidence it produces, is it valid and does it relate to the hypothesis being tested We know that knowledge is presented by what we see and accumulate about what we think the answer may be and we know that in order to come with a sufficient answer to our questions, we need to ask the right ones…
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