Global Strategy at General Electric.

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General Electric is a very diverse, elite and successful global corporation. Part of its success has to do with its size; General Electric actually employs more than 300,000 individuals throughout the globe, serving customers in over 160 countries. Thus, General Electric has found success throughout the world, by linking itself and its concept all over the globe.


One of the most important concepts for General Electric is its commitment to integrity, values, and diversity. Integrity is at the center of each and every established relationship they participate in throughout the globe. (GE). Furthermore, the employees at General Electric are very proud of the company's solid commitment and reputation for integrity. General Electric thus has become the grounds for a very ethical and moral company, and has earned the reputation most companies can only dream of. This focus on integrity has allowed General Electric to build a solid foundation around the world. Another important focus of General Electric is the diversity the company so steadily believes in. General Electric believes that diversity is important for a company's future, because diverse employment population will allow the company to reach out to its very diverse customers found throughout the world. Working at General Electric can be defined working in an environment, which is diverse and global (GE).
General Electric, on a yearly average, recruits around 1,000 college graduates every year within the United States. ...
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