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the pros and cons of direct marketing and legal issues that accompany this field

The significance of direct marketing is beyond just selling a product because it is used by companies to enhance relationship marketing that is forming and maintaining long term relationships with customers through effective public relations activities and direct marketing assists these activities. Companies send cards and cakes on special occasions to their customers through direct mail and this incurs a positive rapport with the customers. Direct marketing not only serves the basic purpose of a company to inform the customer but also to generate positive feelings with the customers for the company (Kotler & Keller; 2002).
Direct marketing roots from Europe during the middle ages or most popularly known as feudalism period and then it began to enter its golden age during the renaissance. This was the 15th century and direct marketing became a regular practice in Europe only after the invention of moveable type by Guttenberg. The first catalog in Europe was then printed in 1450. The concept of direct marketing was originated by Lester Wunderman. Lester implemented these innovative techniques over two famous brands namely; American Express and Colombia Records. ...
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Direct marketing is as the name suggests a direct means of approaching and selling to a customer. This type of marketing eliminates the use of the middlemen in the market since the products are marketed and sold to consumers directly as in one on one. There are seven elements of direct marketing that are means to market and sell directly to the consumer namely; direct mail, catalogs, telemarketing, interactive TV, kiosks, web sites and mobile devices…
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