Market for "Ready-Made" Kids' Meals in America - Case Study Example

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Market for "Ready-Made" Kids' Meals in America

National product development involves new brands and innovative technologies aimed to deliver the best possible quality to the end consumer. American consumers are often ridiculed, chided, and scorned for their taste (Healthy, Ready Made Meals 2008). Consumers seem to be well aware of the necessity of improving tastes and satisfying aesthetic and psychological needs. First the functional, physiological, and safety aspects of products must be satisfied. Once these functional standards and values are identified and incorporated into products, the symbolic, aesthetic, and cultural dimensions, which are more related to product visibility and symbolism, become important. They are reflected in consumer purchases of good books, records, paintings, flowers, the application of better color sense, good style and design in the home, and a general upgrading of quality (Lyons 87). These seem to indicate a "better life" and appreciation for aesthetics. From social-cultural perceptive, ready-Made" Kids' Meals become very popular among all social groups. During the last five years, more and more African-Americans and Mexican consumers join the market. also, low price and easy cooking attracts low social classes and working families. During the last five years, consumers become generally more concerned with the intrinsic value or functionality of products. ...
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The market of ready-made kids meals consists of several target groups: toddlers, small children from 2-5 yeas old, and children from 6-8 years. For ultimately, the consumer possesses veto power in the marketplace over the decisions made by management. This power, however, is not an initiating force…
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