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Human Trafficking Today

From where she was seated, she chanced upon a conversation between a rich-looking man and a girl about her age. The man was offering the girl a job as a waitress in the nearby city, the pay was good and an opportunity to earn extra from customer's tips. She inched her way towards the two, and joined the conversation. In less than ten minutes, a small crowd has formed. The following day, she along with the same small group who gathered together the other day, they were already on their way to the big city. A brothel awaits these young girls. Drugged until they were numb, they were sold for sex and prostitution until the next batch of new girls arrive from the countryside.
A woman leisurely strolling in the mall with her toddler in tow and her young child in her arms was busy looking around. Quite excited about the extra money she has, she unconsciously let go of her toddler. The child was looking around when a decent looking woman picked him up. Instead of turning him over to the customer services to have her mother claim him, he was taken to a van, where other 'lost' children awaits. They were transported 300 miles outside the state. The children were made to beg for money ran by an organized group.
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A young man was promised a good paying job in a hospital in Dubai. After the necessary preparation, he left his native country only to be welcomed by the stink of a tin factory in somewhere in Taiwan. He was forced to work on extended hours, made to endure the inhuman working conditions, with no salary for the first six months…
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